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BEDA Day 16 – All Clear

Good evening, my fine pair of readers.

If you’re both still out there.

Today was a pretty good day. Finished up at Agency 1 office, so now have a week away from there (I work MWFs). Then went to the dentist (which, with luck, commences my personal admin of organic proddings for the next 6 months). Sent off a few things and got some holiday cash (!!!) for Prague in 2 weeks. Then tonight, made some serious progress on my secret project with Holly.

I also finally went to yoga. Third time’s a charm. I usually do ashtanga, this was some more modern, less fluid version with pose names like frog and tree – must look that up. I’m already a bit sore, so I guess that means it’s working.

Tomorrow I’m finishing up work for the Easter long weekend and getting DRUNK. Well, maybe.

Til then.



Reading Agency survey finds 63% of men rarely read | The Bookseller

Boo you lot.

Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall’s latest TV role focuses on a woman coming to terms with the ageing process. She had sharp words for broadcasting bosses who she feels are discriminating against female writers and actors.

"I believe that women my age have very much to say, and unfortunately this business doesn’t recognise that, most of the time," said Cattrall, adding that "the pressure to stay young, be young, bubbly, nubile, is suffocating". She also suggested that TV had a long way to go in its roles for older women. "They don’t really know what to do with me. I don’t want to play someone’s wife and become a joke about plastic surgery."

BEDA Day 15 – Party Time, Excellent

Weeooo weeooo weeoo weeoo.

Guess who just watched Wayne’s World? This guy.

It was one of those things where the same thing comes up again and again. The other night, I noticed it was on Netflix. Then this morning, Candace (see my last post) referenced it in a video. Then this evening, I passed a bar called Swing and thought of it again. Then I told Evan and he’d watched a clip of it last night too. It had to happen.

In other news, Tuesdays are always my worst workday because there’s so much shit to get done. Today was pretty damn productive though. Even got some secret project stuff moving. Then I bought like 5 scarves online and Evan and I went to yet another new Glasgow burger joint for dinner. It was pretty good.

The other night I had a bit of a Netgalley binge, so I’ve a bunch of new books to read. I started Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes, which was almost this month’s book club pick. It’s a satire about Hitler waking up where he left off in 2011. It’s kind of amusing but I usually have a pretty short attention span for things like this. In fact I’ve had a pretty short attention span for reading at all lately – I’ve only finished one book this month and it was Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a book of essays, which I started in March.

Next on the list are new ones by Teju Cole and Emma Straub. Starting a book blog was a good choice. Got some good holiday reading coming up.

Half-way through the 4-day week now! Yass.

Til tomorrow.

I am 32 years old (by librarianfanmail)

I hope I’m as cool as Candace when I’m 32.

BEDA Day 14 – New type

I’m writing this on a new keyboard with my iPad Mini. It’s a whole new world, man. Blew the future right open.

I also got a new microphone, a Zoom H2n, because it was the most high quality, line-in able yet portable one I could find for a reasonable price. It’ll replace my current recorder (which I bought for $40 going on five years ago), and hopefully come in handy for other projects. Which is more exciting than I’m making it sound. Promise.

The sun finally came out today, thank fuck. It’s actually pretty scary how much the weather affects my mood. Really ought to move somewhere warmer already.

Yell if you’re still alive out there – somewhere, anywhere.

Til tomorrow.

BEDA Day 13 — Enthusiasm Optional

Today I finally finished my March book reviews:

And listened to a new podcast about old Hollywood:

Watched a bit, read a bit, made chilli and watched baseball a bit.

Spring is still holding off, which is still rather killing my mood.

4 day week tho.

52 Books: March Reads 2014

52 Books: March Reads 2014

BEDA Days 10, 11, 12 – Lazy daze

I missed two days.

Thursday, forgot.

Friday, got back from work and straight to a driving lesson and straight to dinner and straight to bed. Nae computer time. But I did post the latest Reading Week – counts, no?

So yeah, I had my first ever driving lesson on Friday. Driving, man, what a trip. I mastered moving off pretty quickly. Pulling in to park, not so much. This shit would be way easier in an automatic.

Today I went to another event at Aye Write with Ben Marcus and Mark Danielewski. I used to hate double-author events because I’d be going for one and not the other, then revised my position after finding 2 or 3 new authors I really like from that very set-up. Really gotta say, though, that 1 hour is not nearly long enough for these things – especially when you’re paying a tenner a pop.

These guys seem to be doing some pretty interesting work, but their references appeared to be pretty mainstream experimental canon. I asked one what his writing students have recommended him lately and he said he hadn’t asked. Another strike against the trend in creative writing degrees?

This evening Evan and I watched O Brother Where Art Thou! Good shit.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep for a very long time, and may or may not go along to another bookish event I had planned for the evening. Either way, I’ll be sleeping and reading.

How has your weekend been so far?

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Til the morra.