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“Half the night I waste in sighs.
Half in dreams I sorrow after
The delight of early skies ;
In a wakeful doze I sorrow
For the hand, the lips, the eyes.
For the meeting of the morrow,
The delight of happy laughter,
The delight of low replies.”


Alfred Lord Tennyson, Maud: A Monodrama

Happy National Poetry Day!

Landed in Edinburgh at sunrise & there’s a gorgeous wee mist over the fields.

I do mind the gap.


Alice Robb quoted me in a piece she wrote for The New Republic in which she argues that some gender gaps don’t matter. I disagree with her. It’s worth paying attention to gender gaps because they’re often a way of discussing and quantifying deeper problems. For example, it’s one thing for women…


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I bought a gin named after Dorothy Parker, because.

“I spoke to the Prime Minister today and, although he reiterated his intention to proceed as he has outlined, he would not commit to a second reading vote by March 27 on a Scotland Bill. That was a clear promise laid out by Gordon Brown during the campaign. The Prime Minister says such a vote would be meaningless. I suspect he cannot guarantee the support of his party.”

Reading Week #24 – From An Independent Scotland?

Reading Week #24 – From An Independent Scotland?

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Announcing: The Essayist Project

Announcing: The Essayist Project