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“Men have always complained that feminism inhabits their unassailable human right to be entirely awful in public, and that opinionated women librarians make it their mission to shut down mystical, manly ‘direct’ moves-without realising that there are far more conventional and effective ways of getting someone to sleep with you, usually by saying something soft or simply being nice.”


Camilla Long-“Rules of Attraction”-Style Magazine 20/04/2014

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BEDA Day 19 & 20 – Long Weekend

Saturday is here.

Yesterday was a good day – blogged and then went to book club out at Kirsty’s where we sat in the sunshine and ate scones like fancy people, discussing books like dilettantes (probably).

Today Evan and I went to lunch with my parents, sister, brother-in-law. It was a good time. 

Not much else to report. Other than that it’s been reading and big chillin’.

How was your holiday weekend?

Til tomorrow.

(via BBC News - A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia)

A Novel Like a Rocket

"The book took twelve and a half years of my life and I am not sure if it was the right investment of my time. I once met a man who told me how, soon after he started dating a woman, she became sick. He found himself going to hospitals with her and helping her in a way that his affection for her would not have justified. Eventually, she died. He told me, “I am glad that someone was with her, but I don’t think I should have been that person.” I sort of feel the same way about the time I spent writing “Family Life.” I think the book is strong. I think it does things with style that I have never seen before. If someone gave me a copy and I began reading it, I would have a hard time putting it down. The book does everything I would want a book to do. I just wish twelve and a half years of my life hadn’t gone into creating it."

Dumb Insolence

"It’s worth recalling that the term "slapstick" originally described a sound effects device designed to add impact to mock blows exchanged upon the stage: live dubbing. Maybe there’s no Jacques Tati without Chaplin’s use of sound here, and maybe there’s no Fellini without his use of music, alternately smoothing over or pointing up the bold shifts in tone from comedy to pathos to melodrama."

Reading Week #4 – 19/04/14

Reading Week #4 – 19/04/14

Paris Review – On Knowing Things

BRB, binge reading all of Sadie Stein’s columns I’ve missed.

Day 18 — Optional

I’m laaaate.

Today was a good one. Got a wee last piece of work done before the long weekend commenced in full. Watched Transcendence, which is a big ol’ pile of hooey, but hey I made it to the cinema twice in as many weeks!

My driving lesson was good. Managed a bunch of left & right junction turns, almost got on top of my shitty clutch control, then drove allll the way home.

After that Evan and I got some errands did and the house cleaned and ate burgers and read together and watched Jeopardy. I mean, what’s not to like?

Tomorrow is a book club day. I really needed this 4 day weekend.

Also belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steven thepoetryofnospaces because I missed it because I am a dickhead I’m sorry and I hope it was great!

Til tomorrow!

Finishing this guy — finally. #fridayreads




Other John Green temporarily loses an arm and exposes his femur (?)! His worried husband, Bald John, rushes to his side.

A classic moment in Wimbly Wombly history as AFC Wimbledon take on Swindon Town.

Is that a femur? Only the scientists of the future know for sure.

It’s a humerus, people.

I find this humerus.