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BEDA Day 5 – Aye Riiiight

In case you were wondering – yes, my link list from yesterday did count as an everyday blog. Especially because my blog server kept going down so it took bloody ages.

To catch up, though: I worked, bought 3 pairs shoes in an attempt to not to have to buy shoes for another 3 years, and read a whole bunch while watching baseball with Evan. Giants beat the Dodgers on their opening day 8-4. Brutal. (It got pretty boring after the scoring first 3 innings though).

This afternoon I went to see Polly Morland at Aye Write (Glasgow’s book festival – best name ever, pictured), about her book, The Society of Timid Souls. It was an interesting event – the first time that I’ve seen an author do a whole presentation, which I imagine was probably built up from her original publisher pitch. She’s a documentarian by trade, so it makes sense.

The Q&A part of the event ended up being more around the philosophical questions the book poses, rather than about her process, so I didn’t really get what I went in for. I had a couple of questions, but they’re probably things that she wasn’t trying to achieve or answer in the book, so they wouldn’t be best asked in that setting. It was a good event, just not necessarily a topic that I feel like I need to examine further at this point. Still, if you find the premise interesting do give it a look.

Now I’m away to give my new book a read, and later Evan and I are away out for dinner and drinks. 

Tomorrow I’ll be back at Aye Write! – so stay tuned.

'Til next time.

My nerdy sense is tingling.
Reading Week #2 – 04/04/14

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#FridayReads & Update | 4 April 2014 (by robotnic)

“But as we indulge in the great American pastime of accusing young people of being made of weaker stuff than their elders, we’d also do well to examine our own avoidance mechanisms.”

—   Megan Daum, LA Times

BEDA Day 3 – Honkball

Drinking one gin & tonic is like eating one crisp. Or reading one book.

Speaking of books, I finally made a video today – it’ll be up tomorrow.

Meantime, ask me questions.

I had lots of work on today, but was buoyed by a bacon cheeseburger and, later, some Jeopardy catch-up.

Turns out ‘Handsome’ Tom Kavanaugh was the one with the already legendary awkward interview – which was oddly reminiscent of the Victors’ Quarter Quell interviews in Catching Fire.

In other news, I’m now a proud follower of Stoya on Instagram on account of her magnificent cat pictures. Not a euphemism. H/T jessicafurseth for the rec.

'Til tomorrow!

BEDA Day 2 — PB&J

Big day. Plans are afoot. I got a new computer monitor. And a much-needed hair cut. Then I bought about 5 or 6 new items of clothing!

Can you tell I finally got paid by a couple of clients yesterday?

I did some work too, obviously.

There was also one major upset (besides work, boom-tshh): Evan and I caught up in Monday’s episode of Jeopardy. It’s the Tournament of the Decades, and one of our favourite champs, Tom Nissley, was on. He did not win. It was pretty harrowing to watch.

This evening I’ve mostly been catching up on my Pocket reading list. Expect some links come Friday.

Meantime I’m tired and out of ideas, so check out this VEDA:

Til tomorrow!

BEDA Day 1 – Oh, it’s happening

I think it has only just dawned on me that BEDA starts on April Fool’s day every year, and perhaps it was supposed to be a big joke all along.

Despite that, here I am. For a SIXTH YEAR. Is this real life? BEDA #1 started back on this day in 2009. The first time I wrote a BEDA post I was still writing my undergraduate dissertation, for fuck’s sake. I was still calling my husband my “boyfriend”. Pixar was still making outstanding films.

I’ve since retreated to Tumblr to better allow this thing to drift off into the ether.

There are another 3 years worth here. (And if you’re wondering why some posts are so recent, it’s because the last time I actually did BEDA was in August. I always was better at getting shit done during the wrong month.)

Today I’ve been mostly working too hard, eating and brainstorming a secret project with Holly (pictured). We are not very good with names. We’ll crack it eventually.

'Til tomorrow!


YouTube Announces Upcoming Viral Video Trends #newtrends (by YouTube Spotlight)

Sadly they’re only joking about the producing part… they actually do control what does and doesn’t go viral.