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52 Books: March Reads 2014

52 Books: March Reads 2014

BEDA Days 10, 11, 12 – Lazy daze

I missed two days.

Thursday, forgot.

Friday, got back from work and straight to a driving lesson and straight to dinner and straight to bed. Nae computer time. But I did post the latest Reading Week – counts, no?

So yeah, I had my first ever driving lesson on Friday. Driving, man, what a trip. I mastered moving off pretty quickly. Pulling in to park, not so much. This shit would be way easier in an automatic.

Today I went to another event at Aye Write with Ben Marcus and Mark Danielewski. I used to hate double-author events because I’d be going for one and not the other, then revised my position after finding 2 or 3 new authors I really like from that very set-up. Really gotta say, though, that 1 hour is not nearly long enough for these things – especially when you’re paying a tenner a pop.

These guys seem to be doing some pretty interesting work, but their references appeared to be pretty mainstream experimental canon. I asked one what his writing students have recommended him lately and he said he hadn’t asked. Another strike against the trend in creative writing degrees?

This evening Evan and I watched O Brother Where Art Thou! Good shit.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep for a very long time, and may or may not go along to another bookish event I had planned for the evening. Either way, I’ll be sleeping and reading.

How has your weekend been so far?

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Til the morra.

The new intern at work is pure lazy.

BEDA Day 9 – In under the wire

Almost, almost forgot to do this.

Today was kind of a drag. I got my eyes tested and will live to see another day without glasses – for now. The clock is ticking. I have a prescription held in case I decide I need them for driving or something… but it’s more likely I’d get it filled to be a pretentious douchebag in RayBans or a new pair of Warby Parkers. Because their target demographic is that fucking accurate.

I’ve just heard about a lovely project taking place near Manchester called New Shamwari Project – which is currently helping refugees and asylum seekers to build their own library (with books, not bricks). I’m always buying books, and therefore always getting rid of books, and giving them to the charity shop is fine but it bothers me to see World Book Night editions being sold (which is not the intention of WBN) in there, and ideally I’d like for my privilege-bought books to help someone else with their literacy. So I’ve set aside a wee pile of books to post over to Rochdale and hopefully they’ll be put to good use.

If you’re nearby and have some unwanted books you should get involved too! Tweet them @ShamwariProject or @MichelleFlatley for details.

TIl tomorrow!



Someday, robots will rule the world.  Be prepared. 
6 Books That Will Prepare You for the Inevitable Robot Uprising

It’s always good to be prepared…

I should literally write the book on this.



Someday, robots will rule the world.  Be prepared. 

6 Books That Will Prepare You for the Inevitable Robot Uprising

It’s always good to be prepared…

I should literally write the book on this.


This month is blowing in like a bad wind.

Finally getting on top of some shit, as outlined yesterday. Getting an eye test tomorrow – ew – and maybe I’ll be done with shitty bodily errand-running (double ew?) for as long as I’ll be done buying shoes. The aim is 3 years. Wish me luck.

Evan and I are watching Opening Day Giants baseball. I’m half appalled at their teasing (shaming) of the inept ball dude, half charmed by their cut-aways to a guy in the audience doing a watercolour painting of the park. They’re being real mean about that poor wee ball dude right now. He seems sweet.

I’m sure you’re all scintillated by my commentary. Hate to be such a wummin about it but there’s some real handsome hair on this team too. Pagan, B-Craw, maybe even Morse. The curly trifecta.

That is all I have to say today.

See you on the other side.

“In essence, the demolition of the Red Road flats is a perfect idea. It is perfect because it reveals the regeneration industry for what it truly is: a grotesque spectacle, clothed in the language of Blairite euphemism and dripping with crocodile tears. An erasure of the individual lives of those struggling with Britain’s housing crisis, and a thoughtless reduction of our messy urban histories to cheap, tacky sentiment, designed to satisfy outsiders, and imposed from above.”

BEDA Day 7 – Anx

Ugh, I’ve been so anxious for the past 24 hours or so. It’s time to make some changes around here.

You know that time, once every several months, when you suddenly run out of shampoo, and conditioner, and body wash, and razors, and toothpaste, not quite all at the same time, but within a week or so and just at the right time to have to make like 3 or 4 trips to the shops?

I’m having that right now, except it’s the dentist and the optician and learning to drive and all that kind of shit that you keep putting off until it’s way overdue.

As is my holiday, which is still 3 weeks away.

BRB, gotta go full zen mode on this shit.

BEDA Day 6 – Freedom

This week been getting shit DONE. I’ve booked driving lessons and got my living situation for June (when I elope to Edinburgh for my annual sabbatical) sorted. Phew.

Also went back along to Aye Write today for a cup of tea with my friend Eva and a discussion on freedom of speech. It was an interesting conversation, with good panellists, but there wasn’t a whole lot to take away from it, really. I have a couple of thoughts of my own, but not sure quite what to do with them yet. Maybe they’ll become a blog post sometime soon.

Basically the topic of offence was brought up, and the room seemed to agree that offence-takers in public debate, particularly the religious set, ought to wheesht. One man put it well when he said (and I paraphrase), “tell me why you are offended, but don’t take away my right to say it. Offend me, too.” The chair then told him “Great, now sit yer arse doon.”

My theory is that there are 2 sides to the offence-taking sets – those who have mainstream power and some of it is being taken away as the mainstream becomes more populated with diversity of voices (like, say, the reducing prominence of religious leaders’ voices in society); the other is the marginalised set who are fighting to be heard (like, say, minorities) – and are often misunderstood or misrepresented by the mainstream.

I don’t know if there’s far to go with this idea, but I missed my opportunity to voice it so here you are.

Not much else to report today. I’m away to have a quiet read and an early night.

How was your weekend?

'Til tomorrow.

BEDA Day 5 – Aye Riiiight

In case you were wondering – yes, my link list from yesterday did count as an everyday blog. Especially because my blog server kept going down so it took bloody ages.

To catch up, though: I worked, bought 3 pairs shoes in an attempt to not to have to buy shoes for another 3 years, and read a whole bunch while watching baseball with Evan. Giants beat the Dodgers on their opening day 8-4. Brutal. (It got pretty boring after the scoring first 3 innings though).

This afternoon I went to see Polly Morland at Aye Write (Glasgow’s book festival – best name ever, pictured), about her book, The Society of Timid Souls. It was an interesting event – the first time that I’ve seen an author do a whole presentation, which I imagine was probably built up from her original publisher pitch. She’s a documentarian by trade, so it makes sense.

The Q&A part of the event ended up being more around the philosophical questions the book poses, rather than about her process, so I didn’t really get what I went in for. I had a couple of questions, but they’re probably things that she wasn’t trying to achieve or answer in the book, so they wouldn’t be best asked in that setting. It was a good event, just not necessarily a topic that I feel like I need to examine further at this point. Still, if you find the premise interesting do give it a look.

Now I’m away to give my new book a read, and later Evan and I are away out for dinner and drinks. 

Tomorrow I’ll be back at Aye Write! – so stay tuned.

'Til next time.